General Fiction Stories


Vision Warp is a saga of Craig Colwyn – an American born Welshman with sixth sense. He has visions of past, present and future event. He becomes a bestselling author for his “Mykhaelyn of Makkor” novels and movies. After traveling to Wales and England he meets another author, John Byrdsley. Together they set off to drink and screw their way across Europe and Asia. Love catches up with Craig in the Philippines.

He inherits a fortune and estate in the Caribbean where he becomes involved with gangsters and a private security firm Strategic Services. This involvement takes him into politics and a continuing series of dangerous adventures that almost get him killed by the mafia, terrorists, drug cartels and others.

This novel is a fast read with a great deal of action, sex, mysticism, love, politics and descriptive details of various parts of the world. It has a singular reason for existence – your enjoyment.


This is a story of good versus evil. A fictitious account of the 1970s and 80s when the Mafia moved big time into corporate America. They evolved from the Las Vegas casinos and their other rackets into a powerhouse of corporate ownership and political clout.

The time is before cell telephones and computers took over our lives. Before the Chinese replaced the Japanese as the major threat to America’s future. And before the corporate beast became all consuming.

The principal theme of the book is how the corporate beast drives men of power and how it affects the lives of all. Love, sex, greed, crime, power, Vegas, Mafia, Yakuza, suspense, corruption, manipulation and government intrigue are woven into a tapestry that moves at a rapid pace to a dramatic climax.

The author has over twenty-five years of experience in the gaming industry and corporate America. He has personally chased the Corporate Beast and appreciates its control of lives as we all seek the specter of ‘success’.